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Resident Coordinators and their Offices

Photo: © WFP Haiti/Theresa Piorr

The Resident Coordinator system is part of the UN Secretariat as of 1 January 2019.

Today, 130 Resident Coordinators lead 132 Resident Coordinator’s Offices worldwide, servicing 162 countries and territories. 

Resident Coordinators are supported by five core professional staff in their offices:

Resident Coordinator’s Offices may host additional capacities, depending on the needs and priorities in country. These include, for example, Gender Advisors and/or Peace and Development Advisors. Representatives of UN agencies may also be hosted in the Resident Coordinator’s Office, when the agency doesn’t have its own office in the country.

In multi-country offices, where one Resident Coordinator and his/her team service two or more countries and territories, a Coordination Specialist is in place in those countries where the Resident Coordinator does not reside. This ensures that every country can count on easy and timely access to the UN offer.