The Resident Coordinator, Gita Sabharwal, sits between local migrants and UN staff, all wearing a mask, on a bench.

Engine of Reform

Photo: © IOM Thailand/Jidapa Khoonsinsub

The world we live in today presents multidimensional problems – such as climate change, pandemics and conflicts – that require multidimensional solutions. No one sector or organization can deliver alone what is needed to overcome these challenges. 

The reform of the UN development system, mandated by the General Assembly in 2018, aims to move away from an era where UN agencies implemented individual projects to one where UN agencies join forces to deliver the transformative solutions called for by the 2030 Agenda.

DCO serves as the “engine room” for the implementation of the UN development system reform, to ensure an effective, efficient and accountable response by the system to the needs and priorities of countries and their people. 

Through its work in support of the Resident Coordinator system and the United Nations Sustainable Development Group, DCO strives to build and strengthen a new generation of UN Country Teams, grounded in new tools that foster collective activities, ensure accountability for results, and advance efficiencies. 

DCO also contributes to building coherence, effectiveness and efficiency at the regional level by supporting the new Regional Collaborative Platforms in Africa, the Arab States, Asia Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean, along with the respective UN Regional Commissions and UNDP.

DCO also plays a critical role in ensuring that Multi-Country Offices have the additional coordination and substantive support they need to respond to the needs and priorities of each country and territory they service. Through the work of DCO, a new Office now serves the Micronesian region, and additional capacities have been deployed in all countries serviced by Multi-Country Offices in the Caribbean, Pacific, and Indian Ocean regions.