Head of Resident Coordinator’s Office in Uganda

Issa’s primary responsibility is to support the Resident Coordinator in consolidating one of the largest UN Country Teams in Africa to deliver as one on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Issa has so far streamlined the structures for the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Framework and established strong relationships with the national coordinating office, which is the Office of the Prime Minister. He has led resource mobilization and strategic coordination support to the UN Country Team in responding to emergencies such as flood and Ebola outbreak in September 2022. 

As the chief coordinator in the office of the UN Resident Coordinator, Issa assesses the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework in Uganda to identify existing gaps and ensure the continued alignment of joint work plans and programmes with national priorities and the 2030 Agenda.  

Issa also provides policy support to the UN Resident Coordinator and the UN Country Team on UN programming principles around inclusiveness, sustainability and leaving no one behind. He also provides advisory support on development financing, communication, monitoring, reporting, data management, peace and development advisory as well as issues around prevention, protection, and accountability on the ground. 


Issa Conteh

Head of Resident Coordinator's Office

Nationality: Sierra Leonean 

Language(s): English, Krio and Madingo

Education: MSc in Economics