Economist in Togo

Meet Bibata Dillé, the economist in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Togo. 

Bibata conducts in-depth analyses of the main challenges facing the country and provides the UN country team with various briefings - ranging from public expenditure structure, debt, inflation, Official Development Aid, to foreign trade - to guide their actions. Bibata, through the analyses and forecasts she conducted soon after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, alerted the UN country team of a potential over-inflation and commodity shortages, which facilitated the UN country team to take mitigation measures particularly to address the challenges the most vulnerable people would face. 

Furthermore, she has worked with UNDP, UNICEF, and FAO to design a programme to improve development financing for the achievement of SDGs in Togo, which was funded by the UN Joint SDG Fund and others. She coordinated the Development Finance Assessment, and other interventions required to better advise the national authorities in the establishment of the Integrated National Financing Framework. 

The socioeconomic impact analysis Bibata led on households and vulnerable groups in Togo during the COVID-19 pandemic, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and other partners, identified the sectors most affected by the pandemic. The findings were widely used by national authorities and contributed to developing national response plans and policies, and informed the UN’s Socio-Economic Response Plan for COVID-19 in Togo, whose implementation she also led. 


Bibata Dillé


Nationality: Niger 

Language(s): French, English, Hausa