Head of Resident Coordinator's Office in Moldova

How does the UN help a countries dealing with multidimensional shocks like the sudden influx of refugees, commerce disruption and food and energy crisis as have been trigged by the war in Ukraine? Meet Laura, the Head of Resident Coordinator's Office in Moldova, who is supporting the Resident Coordinator bring the UN entities together to jointly identify actions to support the Government address the identified problems. Throughout the process – from elaborating the UN’s offer to the review by Government and presentation to development partners - Laura’s support has helped ensure excellent engagement between the UN and key partners and well-coordinated actions from different entities, as well as a clear alignment between the collective offer of the UN to Government priorities. This has also ensured streamlined communications between the UN and government to minimize fragmentation at this critical time.  As of October 2022, the collective offer includes projects of approximately USD 22 million to promote green energy transition, energy subsidies and social protection for vulnerable groups, as well as to strengthen national capacities to address food crisis and drought-affected agriculture sector.  

Europe and Central Asia

Laura Fiorotto

Head of Resident Coordinator Office

Nationality: Argentina
Language: Spanish, English and French