Partnerships Officer in Turkmenistan

Meet Maksat Keshiyev, Partnerships Officer in the Resident Coordinator’s office in Turkmenistan. Maksat is proud of his role in supporting UN entities, the government and financial institutions to establish a Joint UN-Government Experts Group on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Financing. This is a pioneering initiative as a common forum to discuss development finance issues and contribute to national policies and initiatives. Maksat and the economist in the Resident Coordinator’s Office serve as the secretariat of the Expert Group and supports its Chair, the Ministry of Finance and Economy, by bringing key partner priorities to the attention of the Group. A roadmap has now been agreed for the establishment of an Integrated National Integrated Financing Framework (INFF), which will inform financial planning and budgeting, improvement of investment in climate and businesses, development of capital markets and the introduction of innovative financial instruments.

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Europe and Central Asia

Maksat Keshiyev

Partnerships Officer

Nationality: Turkmenistan

Language: Turkmen, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish