Economist in Argentina

Meet Fulvia Farinelli, the economist in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Argentina, who is advancing innovation in the UN’s work, by helping scale the application of behavioural science to key UN initiatives, brokering connections and expanding the reach of relevant UN agencies. 

Fulvia has worked with ILO to connect their pilot project to promote decent work with the Behavioural Science Unit in the Office of the Presidency, engaging other UN entities working on behavioural sciences and decent work both in Argentina and in Geneva, as well as the coordinators of the global UN Task Force on Innovation and Behavioural Sciences (comprising more than 800 members from across 40+ UN entities and 60 countries). The ILO initiative will be scaled up by accessing wider expertise as well as additional and new data. Given the success of this experience, Fulvia is providing similar support to the UN Task Force on nutrition and food security. 

She is also supporting initiatives of different UN entities (e.g., UN Women, UNOPS, UN-Habitat and the multi-agency Partnership for Action on Green Economy) focused on areas such as sustainable infrastructure, gender leadership, inclusive and sustainable urban development, and sustainable tourism in even the most remote provinces of the country. 

Latin America and the Caribbean

Fulvia Farinelli


Nationality: Italian
Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian