Data Management Officer in Trinidad and Tobago

Anand Maraj is the Data Management Officer of the Resident Coordinator’s office in his native Trinidad and Tobago. Under the leadership of the Resident Coordinator, he has supported the UN’s work to design and launch the “Big Data Forum,” an annual event since 2020 in support of the Government’s ambition to help Trinidad and Tobago become a regional leader for big data. Anand played a critical role to help the UN team build a relationship with the Central Statistical Office, enabling an assessment of the local data ecosystem and a joint approach for a 3-5 year period towards a modern technology-drive and innovative data system. 

The Big Data forum brings together over 1,100 partners - government, UN, technology and telecommunications companies, data scientists and lawmakers –to forge partnerships around big data and integrate it into official statistics. As a result, a new collaboration is taking shape to develop a Center of Excellence on Big Data Analytics in 2023, as the primary hub of big data analytics for better service delivery, sustainable sectoral development, and building stronger communities. 

Trinidad and Tobago
Latin America and the Caribbean

Anand Maraj

Data Management Officer

Nationality: Trinidadian
Languages: English