Data Management Officer in Togo

As a Data Management Officer in the Resident Coordinator Office in her native Togo, Masilé Assima-Kpatcha coordinates the UN country team reporting system on the collective programme results against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Masile made substantial inputs in the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation framework (2023 – 2026). She also ensured that its results framework is based on the SDGs in order to capture the UN system-wide efforts to advance national development priorities.   

Guided by the Cooperation Framework coordination mechanism, Masile works closely with data experts in the UN entities to report accurate and disaggregated data through UN INFO, the UN-wide joint programming and monitoring platform.  This allows the Government, partners and the public to access easily to the collective contribution of the UN in the country.  

Masile leads the drafting process of the annual UN result reports for Togo on the progress by the UN country team against the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation framework (2019-2020; 2021). She also contributes to the assignment of common programme indicators across UN entities in Togo to be able to capture UN’s collective contribution to the SDGs.   


Masile Assima-Kpatcha

Data Management Officer

Nationality: Togolese

Languages: French and English