Data Management Officer in Jamaica

Shelly Trim

Data Management Officer

Nationality: Jamaican
Language: English


Data Management Officer in Jamaica

Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework process?  Meet Shelly Trim, the Data Management Officer in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Jamaica.  Shelly enabled an analysis of UN entities’ service offer in each Country Implementation Plan within the UN’s Caribbean Multi-Country Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework.  This serves as a gauge of the UN’s collective contribution to the countries through the Cooperation Framework.  This model was also adopted by other Caribbean UN teams.

Shelly and her counterpart in the Multi-Country Office in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Office lead a  coalition of data officers in the Caribbean to incorporate specific monitoring and reporting needs of Multi-Country Offices. A key focus is on engaging UN entities in the region around the UN INFO platform for monitoring and reporting on system-wide efforts to advance national development priorities and the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Jamaica (MCO)
  • Jamaica
  • Latin America and the Caribbean