Data Management Officer in Indonesia

Meet Erlangga Landiyanto, the Data Management Officer in his native Indonesia.  Erlangga coordinates the UN-wide effort to support the Government in strengthening its capacity to produce and use data on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  He is especially proud of an SDG dashboard he helped establish and has continuously improved by convening data experts in the UN entities and the SDG Secretariat of BAPPENAS, Indonesia’s Ministry of National Development Planning.  Consequently, there is vastly improved transparency to help monitor SDG progress by integrating various SDG indicators, data and good practices that reduce fragmentation and discrepancies.  Similar support enabled various government agencies strengthen the metadata of the SDG indicators, and the SDG Secretariat to develop an SDG good practice repository.  

Erlangga also prepared various guidance organized workshops to support government entities to directly use data from UN INFO, the UN-wide data platform, which is now widely used in Indonesia and beyond.  Erlangga is currently coordinating UN data experts to connect the SDG dashboard with the data and information systems of the line ministries of the Government.  Furthermore, Erlangga and his colleagues developed DOMES, a document repository of UN Indonesia that help the general public to access UN knowledge products in an easier way.



Asia and the Pacific

Erlangga Agustino Landiyanto

Data Management Officer

Nationality: Indonesia
Language: English and Basara Indonesian