Data Management Officer in Cabo Verde

Ivanilda Joiane Rodrigues is the Data Management Officer in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in her native Cabo Verde.  She has facilitated a ‘data coalition’ across UN entities to promote collective learning and rigorous attention to data quality, particularly to make best use of UN INFO, the UN’s single monitoring and reporting platform on system-wide efforts to advance national development priorities and the SDGs. As a result, the UN country team now has disaggregated data at the level of the 22 municipalities and 10 islands of Cabo Verde. The Government and all development partners can easily access and visualize real-time data and understand who is doing what and where, and the resources available in each municipality. This has helped the Government and partners to focus their investments in the areas where this is most needed. 

Ivanilda support the UN’s annual public “live” sessions using such data with the Government, civil society, donors and private sector partners, enabling a public discourse on the country’s progress towards the SDGs. Check out the annual UN Country Results Reports, realized with UN INFO data, which informed these discussions in 2020 and 2021.

Cabo Verde

Ivanilda Joiane Rodrigues

Data Management Officer

Nationality: Cabo Verdean
Language: Crioulo; Portuguese; English