Communications Officer in North Macedonia

Meet Aleksandar Dimishkovski, the Communications and Advocacy Officer in the Resident Coordinator's Office in North Macedonia, who is constantly on the lookout to find and create effective advocacy tools for the UN. He uses behavioral insights to strengthen content production and establish new promotional and partnerships platforms for data driven communications.   

Aleksandar also manages the Sustainable Development Bulletin (newsletter) that is sent out to 2,500 subscribers. Among noteworthy advocacy initiatives for example, he led the coordination of the national 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign, which included national and international development partners. The campaign has helped expand the number of supporters and partners involved, making it one of the most efficient joint advocacy efforts in the country and in the region, with a continuous reach of over one million people (more than half of the population in the country) in the past three years. 

North Macedonia
Europe and Central Asia

Aleksandar Dimishkovski

Communications Officer

Nationality: Macedonian 

Education: BA Journalism and Communications, MA Graphic Design and Graphic Communication 

Languages: Macedonian, English, French, German, Greek, Russian and the South – Slavic languages