Communications Officer in Moldova

Cristina David is a full-time communications expert serving in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Moldova. She focuses on boosting information about the UN team’s results and advocating for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Moldova. Cristina is proud of her work to conceptualize, coordinate and lead a campaign implemented by 16 UN agencies in support of people with disabilities in Moldova and their inclusion in society – the “Stand for Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities” campaign.

This large-scale campaign aimed to raise awareness, make a powerful call to action, and trigger a behavioral change for the inclusion of people with different types of disabilities. It reached 1.2 million people in just three weeks through social media, television, newsletters and engagement with influencers, and the UN Adolescents and Youth Advisory Panel, helping to  promote these messages in schools and among youth networks. 


Europe and Central Asia

Cristina David

Communications Officer

Nationality: Republic of Moldova 

Education: University Degree in Information Technology and Foreign Languages 

Languages: Romanian, English, Russian, French