Communications Officer in Costa Rica

Danilo Mora, the Communications Officer in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Costa Rica has played a pivotal role in supporting the UN map hate speech across social media and other communication channels in the country. A partnership with the Digital Communication Observatory of the Communication Research Center at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), and COES, a data analysis company helped the UN expose the scale of the problem. As a result, in 2021, the Government developed the first national plan against hate speech and discrimination in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the support of the UN team under the leadership of the Resident Coordinator.

To galvanize youth to take action, Danilo facilitated the partnership with the National Radio Chamber to design a major campaign that was disseminated across 65 radio stations in the country to bring the message of inclusion, respect and the fight against hate and discrimination. The research on hate speech led by the Resident Coordinator’s Office has been nominated as a finalist for the AMEC 2022 Award for Global Effectiveness of Communications, the most prestigious award in the world in applied communication. 

Costa Rica
Latin America and the Caribbean

Danilo Mora

Communications Officer

Nationality: Costa Rican 

Education: Master's degree in Digital Journalism – Centro de Estudios Financieros de Madrid and College degree in Collective Communications Sciences – Universidad de Costa Rica 

Languages: Spanish and English