Communications Officer in Brazil

Isadora Ferreira is the Communications and Advocacy Officer in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Brazil. She works to enable the UN to give voice to the most vulnerable, and to make this work visible, interesting and appealing to multiple audiences. With UNIC Rio, she manages the UN's official Instagram account in Brazil, which already has 1.1 million followers.  

In 2021, Isadora hosted a live event to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. In designing this event with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, she helped ensure that the event focused on hearing from people with Down syndrome rather than from experts. She enabled a partnership of the Resident Coordinator’s Office with the civil society organization “National Group of Auto-defenders. As a result, the event – which was streamed on ONU Brasil’s YouTube Channel – featured eight youths who helped the audience of more than 1600 people connect with the challenges experienced by people with Down syndrome and understand ways to respect and support them. Isadora has a stepson with Down syndrome and being the host of this live event was an honor and a very emotional moment of her career.  

Latin America and the Caribbean

Isadora Ferreira

Communications Officer

Nationality: Brazilian 

Education: Graduated in Journalism, with Master's in Sustainable Development 

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish