Delivering on Ethiopia’s development priorities during crisis

* This Resident Coordinator performed functions in Ethiopia from 2020-2023

Notwithstanding the challenging crisis setting, the Resident Coordinator in Ethiopia has led the UN country team in supporting the Government’s national development priorities, as set out in the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2020-2025), as well as strengthening the country’s resilience building and addressing the underlying structural factors which give rise to conflict and instability.

Thanks to the Resident Coordinator’s role in harnessing the energy and resources from all 28 UN agencies in Ethiopia, the UN country team has provided targeted, cross-sectorial support to the Government strengthening ties around development, humanitarian and peacebuilding interventions. Most recently, the team has developed an investment resilience plan in the Somali region that promotes adaptation measures to sustain pastoralist livelihoods, builds schools and clinics, supports agriculture and expands access to water and sanitation to help strengthen social cohesion and maintain peace. The Resident Coordinator has also played a key role in fostering strategic partnerships with national and external stakeholders, including international financial institutions.

Watch the video below from the Resident Coordinator to learn more about results in Ethiopia.


Catherine Sozi

Resident Coordinator in Mozambique