Head of Resident Coordinator's Office in Indonesia

Meet Afke Bootsman, the Head of Resident Coordinator's Office in Indonesia. Since “Leaving No-One Behind” a core principle for the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2021-2025) for the country, Afke is proud of her work in 2022 to lead UN-wide efforts to mainstream Disability Inclusion in operational and programmatic interventions as well as related public advocacy and building capacity of UN personnel on the topic, including work related to monitoring and evaluation. Afke has also supported the work of the Humanitarian Country team to ensure that disaster preparedness and response plan for the country is inclusive for persons with disabilities.

She also works with UN operations managers to help ensure that UN physical premises -- as well as online presence – are made more accessible. Attention is also focused on inclusive Human Resource services to promote awareness of UN vacancies among persons with disabilities and improving UN capacities to be better equipped to recruit persons with disabilities. 

Asia and the Pacific

Afke Bootsman

Head of Resident Coordinator's Office

Nationality: Dutch
Languages: English, French and Dutch