Partnerships Officer in Costa Rica

Meet Ernesto Rodero, the Partnerships Officer in the Resident Coordinator’s Office (RCO) in Costa Rica.  He worked jointly with the economist in his RCO to support the design of a Joint SDG Fund project to strengthen the country’s SDG financing architecture by aligning the fiscal budget with the national development priorities, especially the education sector. He plays a key role in convening a wide range of bilateral and multinational stakeholders to explore synergies and exchange ideas. He was instrumental in helping establish a partnership with institutional investors such as the Costa Rican pension funds, helping the UN identify key regulatory changes needed to increase the participation of institutional investors in funding sustainable development projects.  

Ernesto and the team are using the new Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF) process to identify bilateral development banks, asset managers, and other development partners who can be engaged for innovative financing mechanisms such as blended finance tools, and jointly identify investment opportunities. In addition, Ernesto works with climate experts in the UN and beyond to coordinate on more harmonized support to the Government to meet its commitment in the fight against climate change.

Costa Rica
Latin America and the Caribbean

Ernesto Rodero

Partnerships Officer

Nationality: Spanish
Languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese