Head of Resident Coordinator's Office in Montenegro

As the Head of the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Montenegro, Ana Zec supports the work of the UN system - consisting of 10 UN entities with field presence and 6 non-resident agencies.  For the formulation of the new UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2023-2027), Ana’s role was to support a highly inclusive process to identify key development opportunities and challenges, involving key Government entities and UN and non-UN stakeholders. This has resulted in a comprehensive programme of cooperation that not only helps support the country’s aims to come closer to full EU membership but to ensure systematic linkages with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): the new programme clearly identifies and analyses the root causes and trade-offs to holistically address key development challenges to help the country move the needle on the SDGs.  

Europe and Central Asia

Ana Zec

Head of Resident Coordinator's Office

Nationality: Montenegrin
Languages: English & Montenegrin