Economist in Peru

Meet Luz Fernández, the economist in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Peru. Luz has played a key role in supporting the UN’s Common Country Analysis, enabling a consideration of key data and analytical inputs. The resulting analysis created a solid foundation for UN entities to prioritize their actions and identified emerging issues for further discussion such as the need for economic transformation and the importance of circular economy. 

Luz also played a key role in supporting the UN’s response to two crises in 2022. When the oil spill from a refinery near Lima in January 2022 caused an environmental emergency, Luz supported the Resident Coordinator through a mapping of potential responses by different UN entities, which informed a coordinated UN response.  This facilitated the implementation of multiple inter-agency initiatives including an assessment that proposes concrete strategies to restore the livelihoods of the affected population. Similarly, Luz coordinates an inter-agency group on the food crisis, ensuring that UN’s collective data analysis and service offer engages with relevant government counterparts as well as other actors for an effective response.   

Latin America and the Caribbean

Luz Fernández


Nationality: Spanish
Language: Spanish, English, Portuguese