Economist in Morocco

Younes Benmoumen is the economist at the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Morocco.  He is proud to have led, together with the UN entity task force, a designing process of the UN Common Country Analysis and the Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2023-2027) in a truly consultative manner by engaging over 900 stakeholders from almost every corner of the Government institutions, as well as private sector, civil society and private sector across the country.  In 2022, he helped the UN country team mobilize over USD750,000 through the UN Joint SDG Fund for joint projects related to the COVID response.  

The projects, implemented by FAO, UNICEF and UNIDO, aim at building resilience through an innovative approach linking energy, food and social protection systems. He also helped secure funding for another UN joint programme, implemented by UNFPA, WHO and UNICEF, which supports maternal, child and youth health. His efforts were instrumental in bringing UN entities together to address cross-sectoral challenges in an integrated manner, using evidence-based, strategic planning tools. Younes conducts socioeconomic analyses to inform the UN country team of emerging challenges and opportunities for better supporting the Government.  He also convenes main development partners in Morocco through a network of economists he created in 2020. Meeting monthly, this group brings together International Financial Institutions, regional/bilateral and the UN entities to share socioeconomic analysis and built a common vision on Morocco’s development issues.


Younes Benmoumen



Nationality: Moroccan

Language: French, Arabic, English