Economist in Moldova

Irina Guban, the economist in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Moldova, leads the development and update of the Common Country Analysis (including substantial guidance on the CCA Dashboard content) that provides comprehensive overview of the country’s situation with a strong focus on leaving no one behind. Besides, Irina provides regular economic updates and tailored analyses to inform UN agencies of emergency and developmental challenges faced by the country. Irina led an analysis on country’s vulnerabilities during Covid-19 which supported decision making of the UN Socio-economic Task Force in Moldova. Another analysis on the impact of the war of Ukraine on trade and agriculture alerted UN country team on reduced accessibility and affordability of agricultural inputs, which enabled timely support to small farm holders and poor rural households to mitigate its impact. Additionally, as an observing member representing UN Moldova in the Economic Council under the Prime Minister, Irina works with the Government and business community on socio-economic policies and private sector support in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic and amidst the Ukraine war disruptions. 

To respond to the Government’s needs in a coordinated manner, Irina convenes a network of economists development partners. She also contributes to streamlining the UN’s work on sustainable economic development and engages in joint project development. 

Currently, Irina is engaged together with UN entities in drafting inputs for the EU Annual report on Moldova to support country’s EU candidate status given in 2022.

Europe and Central Asia

Irina Guban



Nationality: Moldovan

Language: English, Romanian, Russian