Economist in Indonesia

Meet Diandra Pratami, the Economist at the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Indonesia, who helps coordinate UN-system wide support to the Government on different policy work streams. 

As the largest archipelagic country in the world, UN in Indonesia supports the country’s blue agenda, working towards sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors. Diandra convened ILO, UNEP and UNDP to support the Government in drafting its National Blue Economy Roadmap to ensure that ocean sustainability is a priority. Diandra also ensured the Roadmap reflects the voice of the people who are at risk of being left behind, including the coastal communities in remote locations. This was achieved thanks to the information gathered in the first ever “Leaving No One Behind” study, which Diandra led with the UN entities in Indonesia. 

Diandra also coordinates the USD12 million Joint Programme on innovative SDGs financing, financed by the Joint SDG Fund and implemented by UNDP, UNEP, UNICEF, UNIDO which, to date, has leveraged over USD1 billion for SDGs programming. Diandra was instrumental in ensuring coherence in the Joint Programme implementation by coordinating the UN entities towards common, strategic objectives to leverage SDG financing, and that gender equality is at the heart of the Programme, by ensuring additional finance benefits women and girls, and by prioritizing women-led start-ups and small and medium-size enterprises when making investments.

Asia and the Pacific

Diandra Pratami



Nationality: Indonesian
Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia