Economist in Benin

Aristide Djossou is the Economist at the Resident Coordination Office in Benin. He coordinated the UN support to the Government in developing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Acceleration Framework. The framework identifies necessary key investments to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs, and it enabled the Government of Benin to successfully issue its first SDG Eurobond (€500 million) in July 2021 to finance highly impactful projects to achieve the SDGs.

Aristide also works closely with his counterparts in the UN and International Financial Institutions on various economics and development issues. Specifically, he contributed to the African Development Bank's Country Diagnostic Note, as well as the joint action of the UN and the African Development Bank in preparing Benin's national structures for the Blue Bond process.  Aristide established and convenes the UN Economist Team, a network of economists in the UN in Benin, which collectively supported the Government in the implementation of the Integrated National Financial Framework.

Aristide wrote various technical and advocacy documents for the UN country team and the government, such as on the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and on the security situation in the northern Benin, to inform the UN country team of its programmatic decisions.   

During the designing process of the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2023-2026) Aristide coordinated the drafting of the Common Country Analysis, highlighting main development challenges and opportunities to be considered in the Cooperation Framework.   


Aristide Djossou


Nationality: Benin
Languages: French, English