Economist in Azerbaijan

When serving in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Turkmenistan from January 2020 – March 2022, Hurshid Rustamov provided important support to the UN country team in the analysis of socio-economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which informed the programmatic response of the UN, government as well as international development actors and civil society. Furthermore, working closely with UNDP, Hurshid provided technical and coordination support to the UN-Government Joint Working Group in the formulation of the National Socio-Economic Response Plan to the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkmenistan, as well as in monitoring of its implementation. The UN’s engagement was instrumental in ensuring a leaving no one behind lens in the Plan, with a focus not only on short-term response measures but also “accelerators” aimed at addressing the longer-term vulnerabilities in the country.  Now the economist in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Azerbaijan since April 2022, Hurshid is proud of his role in support of the UN’s engagement with the National Coordination Council on Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Economy to undertake background analysis and convene multi-stakeholder consultations under the recently launched SDG Policy Dialogue series. In its first SDG dialogue on Green transformation in Azerbaijan in November 2022, the findings of the UN analysis on the country’s green growth progress were presented and policy recommendations on further acceleration of green growth in Azerbaijan discussed. 

Europe and Central Asia

Hurshid Rustamov


Nationality: Uzbek
Languages: Uzbek (native), English, Russian, and Turkish