Economist in North Macedonia

Joana Babushku


Nationality: Macedonian
Language: Macedonian, English

Economist in North Macedonia

How can the UN improve its support to national strategies become more inclusive and resilient? Meet Joana Babushku, the economist in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in North Macedonia who is proud of her work to support the Resident Coordinator and the UN’s engagement with the Government in designing a national development strategy that is based on a collective vision of all stakeholders in the country. 

Working closely with UNDP, Joana supported the UN apply Foresight in designing Dream Labs. UNDP organized 35 forward-looking consultations, while Joana ensured the engagement of all relevant UN entities (physically present or elsewhere) in the process.  For example, FAO co-organized a Dream Lab with farmers and UNICEF a Dream Lab with youth, while others provided data or facilitated involvement of people that may otherwise be difficult to reach. This collaborative approach was appreciated at the highest levels, including the President and ministers, who were actively engaged in this process.  

Joana is also coordinating a network across the UN and IFIs on various analyses, including the annual update of the Common Country Analysis. She takes the lead in producing regular analytical briefs to inform the UN about major economic trends. 

  • North Macedonia
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