Economist in Mozambique

Santiago Rodríguez Goicoechea


Nationality: Spanish
Language: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French


Economist in Mozambique

How can the Resident Coordinator enable improved access to the UN’s socioeconomic analytical capacities - within a country and beyond?  

Meet Santiago Rodríguez Goicoechea, the economist in the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Mozambique.  He co-chairs the “Macro Coalition of the Willing” alongside the African Development Bank and the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (UK FCDO), a coalition of like-minded development partners and UN entities that collectively support national priorities.  Through his effective convening under the leadership of the Resident Coordinator, the Macro Coalition has analysed and issued recommendation on strategic macroeconomic issues such as the state budget, economic policies and reforms, and the economic impact of shocks like COVID-19, the cyclones, and the war in Ukraine on the country.  

Santiago is also a member of another coalition on Climate Resilience, co-chaired by UK FCDO and Belgium, thereby contributing to the collective support for the Government’s strategic positioning for the UN’s Climate Change Conferences and their follow-up.  Santiago established a connection between these coalitions and UN thematic groups, enabling all relevant UN entities, especially the smaller ones, to be informed of key policy dialogues with development partners. 

  • Mozambique
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