Data Management Officer in Kazakhstan

Abylaikhan Dauletalin, the Data Management Officer in the Resident Coordinator Office in Kazakhstan, plays a vital role in ensuring effective joint monitoring, evaluation, and reporting on the UN’s contributions in Kazakhstan. In this capacity he facilitated the establishment of a unified data gathering, monitoring, and reporting architecture for the UN country team in Kazakhstan. This enabled the introduction of the UN-INFO dashboard for the country, and supported the development of UN country team joint work plans to operationalize the agreed UN programme, namely, UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2021-2025) in Kazakhstan. He is proud of his work in preparing the reporting framework for UN Socio-Economic Response Plan to COVID-19 in Kazakhstan. He plays a key role in ensuring the delivery of quality results reports by the UN Country Team. Abylaikhan also supports the Resident Coordinator in advancing the Spotlight Regional Programme to end all forms of sexual and gender-based violence in Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Europe and Central Asia

Abylaikhan Dauletalin

Data Management Officer

Nationality: Kazakh
Languages: English, Russian, and Kazakh