Data Management Officer in Ethiopia

Within the first three months of joining the Resident Coordinator’s Office in Ethiopia, the Data Management Officer Esete Berile was already playing a key role in supporting the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2020-2025) agreed between the Government of Ethiopia and the UN country team. She has been instrumental in launching a Data and Statistics Working Group, in January 2023. Coordinated by Esete, the Working Group aims to bring data experts in the UN entities together to jointly produce, analyse and disseminate data and statistics in order to strengthen national statistical capacities and coordinate UN support to improve the quality, coverage, inclusiveness, granularity and timeliness of data on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and national development plans.  

Esete is now leading the UN-wide project mapping in Ethiopia, which identifies and maps all agency level interventions under the Cooperation Framework. It provides a comprehensive data of all projects implemented in the country per thematic focus, budget framework and geographical locations which will provide a basis for future designing, implementation, monitoring and reporting of various joint programmes  in a more efficient manner using the UN INFO, the UN-wide joint programming and monitoring platform. 


Esete Berile Faris

Data Management Officer


Nationality: Ethiopian
Languages: English, Amharic