Data Management Officer in Benin

As the Data Management Officer in Resident Coordinator’s Office in Benin, Ahonami Yvette Dognon provides critical support to the UN Country Team’s data and research strategy. This includes helping to establish a joint tool which monitors progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Benin and supports the Government in the implementation of its fourth National Strategy for the Development of Statistics. 
Yvette also coordinated the data research, collection, and analysis for the update of the Common Country Analysis and played a key role in the development and monitoring of the Socio-Economic Response Plan to COVID-19.Thanks to her technical support in results reporting, agencies across the UN Country Team have strengthened their capacities to use and report results via UNINFO. She also contributed to management of the UN Development Assistance Framework’s (2019-2023) evaluation process and ensured quality assurance in line with the latest guidelines.


Ahonami Yvette Dognon

Data Management Officer


Nationality: Beninese

Languages: French, English, Fon

Education: PhD. Economie et Politique de Développement - Master. Ingénieur Statisticien Economiste