Data Management Officer in Sudan

Almutaz Angabo, Data Management Officer in the Resident Coordinator’s office in his native Sudan, is passionate about improving data access, availability and quality to inform decision-making for government, UN and development partners. This is a complex undertaken in a country with so many different UN entities working across humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding initiatives.

Almutaz convened his counterparts in these different workstreams to lay the foundations of a common, UN-wide monitoring and reporting framework based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a result, there is now more systematic use of UN INFO, the UN’s single reporting platform, to capture the system-wide efforts to advance national development priorities and the SDGs.  This allows the Government, partners and the public easy access to the collective contribution of the UN in the country, advancing not only informed decision-making but also transparency and full accountability for results.





Almutaz Angabo

Data Management Officer

Nationality: Sudanese
Language: English, Arabic