Data Management Officer in North Macedonia

Meet Jasmina Belchovska-Tasevska, the Data Management Officer in her native North Macedonia, who is working to make a stronger connection between data management and strategic planning, monitoring and reporting. Jasmina is proud of her work connecting data experts in the UN country team to develop a strong monitoring framework for the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework, with the outcome indicators and targets set jointly with the Government – an achievement for a country where SDG indicators are not localized, and there is no national development plan. Jasmina has helped the UN apply innovative approaches during the design of the Cooperation Framework. For instance, application of the micronarrative, an ethnographic research methodology, revealed emerging patterns of emigration trends among the population in North Macedonia, which led to emphasis on strengthened skills development in the Cooperation Framework.  She also helped with the application of Strategic Foresight to support the UN in its visioning exercise of a UN country team that could best support the country. Jasmina is sharing the insights from these initiatives with her peer Data Officers in the Resident Coordinator’s system to facilitate collective learning and enhancement of policies and guidance.   

North Macedonia
Europe and Central Asia

Jasmina Belchovska-Tasevska

Data Management Officer

Language: English, Macedonian
Nationality: Macedonian