Cross Border Coordination in the Gran Chaco Americano

*Resident Coordinator performed functions in Bolivia from 2020 to 2022

The Resident Coordinator in Bolivia has been working to ensure joint action and pooled resources for a unified UN response to priorities ranging from global health to political challenges. As a result, the UN has been able to strengthen COVID-19 testing capacities and complete a major acquisition of vaccines, while also providing electoral assistance and human rights monitoring during a recent period of political crisis.

Coordination has also been critical to respond to regional challenges. The Resident Coordinator in Bolivia joined forces with the Resident Coordinators in neighboring Paraguay and Argentina, and spear-headed a cross-border initiative to scale-up climate mitigation and adaption measures across the Gran Chaco Americano region – an area on the frontlines of climate change in South America. By pulling together resources, funding and expertise from UN agencies across the Gran Chaco region, the Resident Coordinators were able to strengthen joint climate programming and develop a more comprehensive and coherent regional strategy on climate action.

Watch the video below from the Resident Coordinator to learn more about results in Bolivia.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Susana Sottoli

Former Resident Coordinator in Bolivia