Building peace and prosperity in Ghana, including by protecting social spending

Together with agencies from across the UN country team in Ghana, the Resident Coordinator has spearheaded a joint programme to support the Government in building prosperity, expanding access to services and promoting peace amid rising conflict in the north of the country, in line with the priorities set out in the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2022-2025). By leveraging the collective capacity of the UN country team, including skills and investments, this joint programme is strengthening the self-reliance of the national authorities and their efforts to advance sustainable development and to prevent the spread of violent extremism.

The Resident Coordinator also played a critical role convening agencies together to help tackle the fiscal challenges facing Ghana and protect social spending as the Government negotiates a new agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). With inputs from the whole UN country team, the Resident Coordinator developed a joint position paper and presented a unified front to the Government and the IMF to influence the design of the new agreement.

Watch the video below from the Resident Coordinator to learn more about results in Ghana.


Charles Abani

Resident Coordinator in Ghana