Leader in focus: UN Resident Coordinator in Haiti

In a recent podcast interview ‘Awake at Night’ with the UN Under-Secretary General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming, the Resident Coordinator in Haiti, Ulrika Richardson shares some of the formative experiences that have shaped her career as a humanitarian and reflects on what motivates her to keep fighting against hunger, disease and violence, that is gripping the people of Haiti today.

10 ways South Africa can recover from COVID-19 and build a sustainable and inclusive future

In the depths of the COVID-19 crisis, Ricardo Gottschalk, Senior Economist at the Resident Coordinator’s Office in South Africa worked together with the Resident Coordinator at the time to publish an economic analysis on the country's recovery from the pandemic.

Reaching the last mile in Uganda: Decentralised Coordination for impact

Since 2015, the United Nations in Uganda has employed a unique method, called “the United Nations Areas Coordinator (UNAC) System” to guide its development activities and programing on the ground. To adapt to the principles of ‘leave no one behind’ and ‘reach the last mile and the last person’, the RCO has deployed three national UN Volunteers to four regions.

The Development Coordination Office at a Glance

The Development Coordination Office (DCO) manages and oversees the Resident Coordinator system and serves as secretariat of the UN Sustainable Development Group. Its objective is to support the capacity, effectiveness and efficiency of Resident Coordinators and the UN development system as a whole in support of national efforts for sustainable development. 

DCO is based in New York, with regional teams in Addis Ababa, Amman, Bangkok, Istanbul and Panama, supporting 130 Resident Coordinators and 132 Resident Coordinator’s offices covering 162 countries and territories.

The Development Coordination Office Supports