Head of Resident Coordinator's Office in Syria

Francesco Galtieri

Head of Resident Coordinator's Office

Nationality: Italian
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian


Head of Resident Coordinator's Office in Syria

Meet Francesco Galtieri, the Head of Resident Coordinator's Office in Syria.  He supported the Resident Coordinator in convening the UN country team and facilitate wide stakeholders’ consultations, to jointly draft and finalise the UN Strategic Framework of Syria (2022-2024). This process allowed to create a shared intent among all actors on the priorities to the UN’s multi-year early recovery and resilience assistance in response to the growing needs of the Syrian people. The Framework complement the large Humanitarian Response Plan and articulates key common principles of programming that focuses on accountability to the affected populations to bring stronger transparency on UN works on the ground. Francesco’s role was critical in bringing UN entities together with the host Government and key Member States to agree on priorities and identify best approaches through a a thorough and open process. It also established a Regional Dialogue Mechanism, a more regular forum among UN and development partners for dialogue and joint strategies.  

  • Syrian Arab Republic
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